Sunday, October 14, 2007

Entry 19: Across The Universe

I mean, I was already a slight beatles fan before I saw this movie, but after watching it, you're like in love with them.

OMG, I can't even describe my love for this movie. It was filled with all these emotions and symbolism that made your heart melt out of your chest. RAHHH (mouth waters) and sooo many hot boys, specially when max gets "checked out" before he's sent off to war, poor baby D:. He looks so much like kurt cobain, it was ridiculous, he was my fav character ever. And omggg, the voices D:. Im not one for musicals but wooowwwzaaah, all these guys had GREAT voices!!! Anyways, I say you should all see it cause the movie rocked. Cept you'll be all like "wtf??" BONO!? yeah, bono is cool. But no, you will be all like "wtf, circus?!?" that part is messed lol, but I enjoyed. Best parts of the movie areeee: Strawberry Feilds n the underwater scene, omg go see it right now, go check show times! and if its not in thearters then go to your closet movie store lol.

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Lionhead said...

I listened the beatles the who and louis armstrong all my youth long. I turned my family crazy by rowing, looping and singing over again and again.