Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Entry 21: Faster x 100

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Lionhead said...

Alala !!

vooolume! volume! volume! Make it turn baybayh. Yeaaaah nice...

go out and draw, take a pad and draw quickly, with no pretention at detailing. Just capt the shapes in a single look.

When I do it I take a hour walking in the street with my pad, draw people quickly, they move , it's not a problem, you move also it obliges you to capt the shapes the curves... created with the shades. single look, memory, draw. back home. memory, redraw.

I wrote some times ago : from the memory the wit retraces, brings life from the stroke who kills the forgotten.

retrace. What brings life is the stream of new lights.

and on and on and on.

frankly you have a good drawing, you just have to work with new shapes, new intuitions (feels) and new objects.

Take care.